Apologies from a Nation #2 – Dizzee Rascal & James Corden/UK.

Every nation has it’s shame.  The British had Ringo. The Dutch gave the world The Vengaboys.  Canada spawned Nickelback.  But it doesn’t stop there.

There are two things that the English embrace.  Football, and undeniably crap-but-patriotic music. So when something comes a long that links both so well, it’s bound to be a hit on the Queen’s home soil.

The FIFA World Cup is literally hours away, and if Manchester United’s twinkle-toed pit bull can pull something out of the bag then we’re in with a shot.  We usually have an embarrassing “official song”, but this year the powers that be canned the idea. Did that stop the production of steaming aural turds?  Of course not.

Now Dizzee Rascal has teamed up with former Hollyoaks benchwarmer James Corden to cover Tears for Fears forgettable 80′s hit Shout. Dizzee did add the line “come and ‘ave a go if you think you’re hard enough” into the chorus, so thus gets one mark for creativity, and 3,000 marks deducted for making me shiver with shame.

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