Giving away secrets.

Not really secrets, but there’s a few cheap/free tools we use that would probably be useful to lots of people.

Unfortunately for those lots of people, they’re probably not reading our blog.  Can’t really blame them. But just in case, here’s one of a few gems we live by.

The Problem:

While Adam’s all about the portability of his trusty silver Macbook, I have an iMac at the office and (much like DJ Hi-Tek) a PC computer at home.  The iPad generally travels with me but it’s essentially a frisbee when it comes to multi-media content creation.  So I need access to files in both places, and I’m amazing at losing or breaking USB sticks. The last one got submerged in cat food. Long story.

The Solution:


This free nifty little app allows me to sync a few folders between work and home.  I sync a few:

1. Derivative working – when I’m going to work on a file, I process the RAW (that’s sat on a server in the office) to a 16/bit PSD in this folder.  Like magic, within a few minutes it’s on both computers.

2. Lightroom folders that involve presets, etc – by syncing these it doesn’t matter which terminal I’m sat in front of, I always have the same development presets, export presets, web gallery templates (etc, etc) at my finger tips.

3. Ditto Photoshop folders.

The reason I use Sugarsync for this and not another popular app called Dropbox, is that Sugarsync gives you a whopping 5GB of free space compared to Dropbox’s 2GB.  We do use Dropbox as well, but for something a bit different.

And, if you’re ever in a bind you can always download your files from their website and work on someone else’s computer.

I know what you’re thinking:

1. Why not just buy a laptop?  Well, they suck for video editing.  And it’s $3K I’d rather spend on something else.  There are in fact many other reasons.

2. You use a PC?  Aren’t they shit?  I’m not touching that. But let me say that they both work sometimes, they both break sometimes, and they both have their advantages and disadvantages (that have nothing to do with cost). Anyone who thinks one is universally better than the other is a moron.

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